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International freight forwarding

To bridge the complex, competitive divide between the delivery of products, From source to end-destination, for quick sale thereof, requires extensive Experience and specialist knowledge that ensure that logistics and all Commercial and statutory documentation satisfy international trade Requirements. As a freight forwarder, Sonehri is an expert and experienced “know-how” partner in commercial matters, modes of transport, import and export processes and regulations, as well as the most effective route planner from supplier to delivery destination. This service is provided from a single service point and executed and supported by specialized and dedicated teams and staff that ensure your peace of mind.

Sea Freight

When you have Sea Freight professionals matching frequent sailings and flexible service options to your specific business objectives, you have our Personal Service. Our freight management experts partner with you to learn your business first-hand. Equipped with an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements, we pull from a range of standard Sea Freight products and supplementary options to secure the space allocation, timing, frequency and rates that fit your precise objectives. Whether we need to reserve an oversize container or securely transport your high-value cargo, Sonehri Sea Freight specialists treat each shipment with the care and attention it takes to earn your trust.

Air freight

Airfreight remains the premium form of transport when the requirement is for Rapid international delivery, exact arrival times for order fulfillment and product Availability, just-in-time inventory (JIT) management, and products with limited Life. With vast experience in the entire air cargo industry, Sonehri ensures space Availability when you need it most. We are a reputable, credit worthy company With accounts at all airlines. Freight chartering is another area of expertise that we are well experienced in. Our specialist air freight team satisfies clients who require the transport of Perishable products as well as general cargo. We have specialist experience in live stock and horticultural products under CITES regulation.

Road freight

Road freight provides flexible regional transport, with expert skills in crossing border procedures, type of product and priority shipment handled. This is for individual or consolidation loads in perishable produce as well as general cargo. Our own fleet enables us to control schedules and delivery priorities that we commit to. Leading international partners enable us to provide similar service levels in the northern hemisphere if required. Our local dedicated fleet of vehicles is all equipped and designed for specialist application, therefore ensuring that we provide superior service levels and quick, accurate delivery.
Marketing, sales and procurement.

Sustainable businesses ensure that they have a specific product at an apt price, presented to the buyer in a way that differentiates it from others, and packaged in a way that supports its inherent value. Built on more than experience of man power in-depth international experience of procurement from all parts of the globe, suitable for the finest and most distinguished clients in the retail, wholesale and catering markets, Sonehri presents clients with a professional, market driven service that guarantees the most sustainable business.

Customs clearance & freight administration

To prevent costly delay and possible embargo of products and shipments, perfect handling of all shipment, commercial and fiscal documentation needs to be performed to support the physical product movement. We pride ourselves in providing a cost effective, integrated documentation service performed by specialists to ensure flawless execution. Our customs clearance and documentation service is linked online with the Pakistan Customs & Revenue Services Department of Customs and Excise via a specialized clearing system . We can assist with the Payment of duties, surcharges and VAT. Expert review of tariff and product codes ensures slick customs Documentation handling and advice that could truly be valuable to your business. Both the Sea oad and airfreight facilities & bonded. Sonehri also has customs bonds in place, providing rapid payment of the required duties, surcharges and taxes. The compilation and checking of sanitary certificates are handled from dedicated facilities on the premises. Operational every day of the year, each of the respective services are performed by specialist staff in all divisions that operate in the same service culture.